June Recap

Hi everyone!

I decided to start with monthly recaps to share what I’ve been doing, what’s going on with me and future things I’m planning to do

So let’s start!


This month I’ve been working on Trust! my weebtoon, prints, and goodies for conventions and commissions
Some other things I have to keep working on for July is comic issues of Wayward Jan, one of my webcomics and updates of Trust!


During June I went to Comic Ink and it was a really good experience as it was my a first time tabling alone in a big (but local) convention.
I met so many good people who enjoy the same things I do and loved my art! I’m glad that most of them bought things they loved from my little table and enjoyed chatting about comics and shows with me.
Comic Ink was the last con I’m attending this year, so that wrap up con season for me. I hope I can do more cons next year!

 Next Month…

During July I’m planning a few things. I have prints left from cons so I want to put up my store for a few weeks so you guys can get them during an exclusive period of time. Also, I will focus more on my webcomics so I can finish the ones that need to end and continue the new ones. During July is also my birthday (well, the end of July but still.) and, as always, I’m not planning anything more than beers and chocolate cake.
I also want to start making illustrations based on my favorite DC characters (The robins and the batfamily) so stay tuned for those!

I will try to post these monthly recaps at the end of each month instead of at the beginning of the new one, but for that and more updates, subscribe to my NEWSLETTER!

Gutter presentation

A few days ago I went to Universidad Catolica to support a comic platform called Gutter

Gutter is an online service where you can read chilean comics for a monthly subscription (similar to netflix but with local comics).
They invited me and my friend Eri to talk about our two comics we have in the platform and why we choose to publish with them.

It was a very fun day! We had a table with a lot of things and we talk to very enthusiastic young people who loved comics and also want to start drawing.

You can see the presentation video here (in spanish)

Here a few photos, not the best quality tho

charla 3charla1charla5mesa1

Comic Ink 2018


I just want to update the blog by saying I’m going to Comic Ink 2018, here in Santiago, Chile!
I’m so excited they selected me and, also, it’s my first time going to a con all by myself!

This con will focus on tattoos and comics, a lot of pop culture and really cool things! Last year I went as a visitor and was so fun!
I will try to deliver and have fun and new thing to sell and show.


I Started a webtoon!

Hi everyone!

I just wanted to announce I started to upload a new webseries on webtoons called ‘Trust! My Best Friend’ and is the story of two friends doing friend things while trying to understand who they are and what they want in life.

You can read it on webtoon here.

The plan is to update it each wednesday, so if you are interested, subscribe and wait for it!


Next con

Hi guys!

Next May 6th I will be at Safari Aniversario (in Chile) with my little postcards and comics

Safari Aniversario is a small con focused on illustration and crafts we do here in Santiago, Chile. This is their 4th anniversary as a con collective and it is my first time being part of it.

So, I’ll be at table 10th with my mate Eri (Erinastasia on instagram) with our little crossover comics and postcards and more.
I hope I can take pics so I can later post them here for you guys to see how this little con is.


I’m so excited to finally be able to be at one of this Safari cons and engage with more people. I prepared new business cards and I will have some illustration pack deals so people can have a lot of goodies.

After this, I have to focus my attention on making more comics (I have chapters to finish and deliver) and on thinking about a new table setting for future cons if I go to some alone.
If you guys have suggestions, it would be awesome to hear them 🙂


Ok! Time to start this webpage/portfolio/blog!

I wanted to update everything I have in my portfolio and have new things to share and show and say in just one place.

I want to use this blog to announce things like if I’m going to conventions or I’m printing comics or publishing something, but also I want to express other things like what I watched this week or book recommendations or food recommendations or beer! Yes, beer!

I’ll try to push myself to post on this blog at least once a week, to keep you guys informed with what I do or like. I’m not sure if I’m gonna be a super bloggy accurate person, using categories or tags or things, but I’ll try my best.

For this first, I will like to share 3 little cards I made for my twitter thread, where I have some info related to my portfolio, how to support my art and what to hire me for.


That’s it for this week’s post. Hope you all will enjoy your weekend and have fun!