Next con

Hi guys!

Next May 6th I will be at Safari Aniversario (in Chile) with my little postcards and comics

Safari Aniversario is a small con focused on illustration and crafts we do here in Santiago, Chile. This is their 4th anniversary as a con collective and it is my first time being part of it.

So, I’ll be at table 10th with my mate Eri (Erinastasia on instagram) with our little crossover comics and postcards and more.
I hope I can take pics so I can later post them here for you guys to see how this little con is.


I’m so excited to finally be able to be at one of this Safari cons and engage with more people. I prepared new business cards and I will have some illustration pack deals so people can have a lot of goodies.

After this, I have to focus my attention on making more comics (I have chapters to finish and deliver) and on thinking about a new table setting for future cons if I go to some alone.
If you guys have suggestions, it would be awesome to hear them 🙂

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